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By Naomi Valdivia, eHow Contributor

The back is the largest surface of the body for tattoo decoration, making it an ideal canvas. The lower back offers a lot of horizontal space, making it a nice location for certain designs. The lower back also tends to accentuate a woman's natural femininity. With many designs to choose from, you might find it challenging to decide on the best tattoo for you.

  1. Tribal

    • A common theme for tattoos is tribal or a reflection of other cultures. Consider a Hawaiian or Samoan design, or find an intricate Celtic pattern. For a lower back tattoo, a feminine design with thinner lines offers a flattering design for a woman.


    • Fantasy creatures are fun and whimsical.
      Fantasy creatures are fun and whimsical.

      Consider a mythical or fantasy creature or theme for a back tattoo. Fantasy creatures can range from whimsical to mystical in a flattering pattern. Fairies, unicorns, elves, mermaids and dragons would work for a complete back or lower back tattoo, or consider a favorite fantasy cartoon character.

    Japanese or Chinese characters

    • Japanese or Chinese characters offer a graphic idea that can brim with meaning. Choose someone's name or significant words such as peace, love or luck. Make sure to find an accurate translation for your message before tattooing it to your body.


    • Floral designs can be literal or abstract.
      Floral designs can be literal or abstract.

      Flowers or floral designs offer a feminine back tattoo design. You can go with a small flower with delicate petals or have a large and complex floral design done. Choose your birth flower, or imagine roses, hibiscus or a bunch of daisies. Think retro, or go with realistic in terms of design. Nineteenth century ink illustrations also appear very beautiful in a floral tattoo design.

    Hearts and Wings

    • Heart tattoos work with bright colors.
      Heart tattoos work with bright colors.

      Hearts can appear in any of the previously mentioned tattoo styles, including tribal and floral, or they can take center stage. Sacred hearts or winged hearts are still feminine yet with a potentially interesting edge, especially if you add a lot of bright color to the back. Or think about a wide set of wings across the back for a whimsical but stunning tattoo creation. If you are not up for the full set, consider a smaller set of angel wings, butterfly wings or fairy wings.

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