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Raleigh Hansman

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By Raleigh Hansman, eHow Contributor

Breast cancer affects men and women of every race, age and socioeconomic group. With breast cancer's indiscriminate nature, hosting a fundraiser to raise money and awareness for this cause can involve a variety of people and events. Stretch your creativity and imagination in the name of breast cancer awareness and put on a fundraiser that people will not soon forget.

  1. Wine Tasting

    • An evening of delicious wine and appetizers is nearly impossible to pass up. Ask a local real estate agent if it would be possible to host a breast cancer fundraiser at one of their for-sale listings. This is a mutually beneficial opportunity as the real estate agent can have an open house filled with a diverse group of potential buyers. Also, the agent may get more business when others see that they are donating their services to a good cause.

      After securing a venue, talk to a local winery or liquor store about donating a selection of wine for a tasting event. Explain that the amount donated is tax deductible as it is for a fundraiser. Request 1-3 bottles each of reds, whites and sparkling wines to be given out at the fundraiser. A perk for the store or winery will be the positive affiliation with such a great cause.

      For appetizers contact a local restaurant or caterer for an in-kind donation for the fundraiser.

      Invite guests via email or e-vites with details about time and location. Include thanks to the real estate agent, winery or liquor store and the restaurant or caterer for helping make the fundraiser possible. Instead of selling tickets or requiring a cover charge, make the event free but let everyone know that that donations will be greatly appreciated.

    Golf Tournament

    • Hosting a golf tournament as a breast cancer fundraiser is fun, interactive and competitive way to raise funds. Ask a local golf course to donate their course for half a day to host your breast cancer fundraiser. Many golf courses will appreciate the positive affiliation, which may bring new members to the club.

      Ask local businesses to donate longest drive and pin prizes. This allows businesses of all sorts to get their name associated with a great cause and advertise their services. Slots to play will also fill up faster with added prizes and sponsorships.

      Set the price to play at a reasonable amount. A fee of $100-$250 per golfer is sufficient and fair for entry, golf cart and green fees. Each foursome will then raise between $400 and $1,000 for the breast cancer cause.


    • Raising money for breast cancer research and treatment can be as simple as holding a raffle in your city. Ask local businesses to donate products and services to the breast cancer fundraiser in exchange for having their names on signs, posters, emails and other materials advertising the raffle. Whether a prize is big, such as a plasma screen television, or small, such as a gift certificate to a restaurant, participants will be excited to buy tickets and win.

      Ask a group of your friends, neighbors or church members to help in selling the raffle tickets.. Tickets can be sold door to door, at local businesses, at schools, churches or to friends and family. Tickets should be priced reasonably based upon what type of prizes are being raffled. If more big items are involved in the raffle, such as televisions, blu-ray DVD players, iPods or laptops, then tickets should be more expensive. Charging $3-$10 a ticket will encourage a greater number of people to buy a chance and support your breast cancer fundraiser.

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