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A small but deadly creature, scorpions make for great tattoos because of the mythical status they have achieved in history
What is it about animals that makes us as humans want to tattoo their images on ourselves and represent our teams as animals? Think "Detroit Lion", "Chicago Bulls". Perhaps it is the very simplicity of their nature as it embodies a quality we wish to portray. Here I have collected some awesome looking animal tattoos, mostly lions, tigers and wolves.
Designs of Horses, Birds, Seahorses,
As tattoos are popular worldwide and our world gets smaller and smaller, arabic writing has sparked a lot of interest.
Tattoo designs based on zodiac designs. The zodiac is the main structure from which we understand the universe. From ancient Babylon to modern day India utilize the twelve constellations to determine future events as well as pre determine compatibility.
Some typical arm band tattoo designs.
Barbed Wire Tattoos are very popular Armband Tattoos and even sported by the infamous Pamela Anderson. The significance is debated but one common belief is that the barbs represent prison years.
Butterflies are some of the most common tattoos. More than just being pretty designs, butterflies signify a metamorphosis that is not just physical but also highly personal. Folks use the analogy of going from a worm to a butterfly as a sort of mental and spiritual transformation. The aspect of flight also has overtures to freedom and ascendence to a higher level
Cartoon tattoos and designs
Created on an island off the cost of England circa 698 AD, celtic designs show the devotion of monks from this period. The monks painstakingly wove intricate patterns that were highly colorful. These included, birds, crosses, letters and a now typical knotwork.
These are some tattos that celebs sport
These tattoos are Christian in nature either depicting Jesus Christ, prayer, or the Christian Chross. Also, in this catergory are other types of crosses such as celtic crosses
Cross Tattoo Designs
Dragon Tatoo Designs, Dragon Tattoo Ideas, Tribal Dragons, Chinese Dragons
Some great examples of this legendary mythical beast.
The proud symbol of the USA. This magnificent bird is always an awesome idea for a tattoo. Check out some more in the Tribal Section.
These are a growing collection of fairy tattoo designs that some of my artists and users have contributed.
Female subject tattoos girl tattoos
frog tattoos
Gun Tattoos
An homage to the alternative lifestyle, rather than choosing the more traditional diamond and gold rings, the concept of a ring finger tattoo is fast catching on as of late. We'll be adding many more designs but I wanted to start with a simple set to give an idea. The designs have to be intricately done due to the size. Something to keep in mind if you opt for one.
The geometric greek key is an ancient symbol in Greece.
There are some names I had translated to give you an idea of what Hindi characters look like. Also the, the word Shruti is done is Sanskrit. Sanskrit is believed by many linguists to be one of the oldest languages in the world and both Hindi and Sanskrit use practically the same Devanagari script.
Heart tattoos
Irish tattoos
Kokopelli is a fertility deity, usually depicted as a humpbacked flute player (often with a huge phallus and feathers or antenna-like protrusions on his head). Some Native American cultures in the Southwestern United States revere the diety. Kokopelli watches over childbirth and agriculture.
Scripts and letters as tattoos are once again emerging trends in tattoos. Letters can me made quite ornate with artistic flair
These are some great lower back tattoo designs to get you to start thinking about your own unique design.
Name tattoos, chinese, tribal fonts, old english font,
The modern tattoo craze is known to have begun during the 40s when sailors often had the anchor tattoed on their arms. I added these nautical symbols as a beginning as these seem popular among the hard core sailing set.
Traditionally, Mehndi was an art form started in North India. It is used to decorate a bride's hands at the time of her wedding. Today, its popularity is spread all over India as well as in the US and UK in the Indian population
panther tiger lions. I created this category because these large cats deserve it.
Rose Tattoos Flower Tattoos Rose and Tribal Mixed Ankle Back
One of the most popular tattoos, the rose is a classic symbol of simple and elegant beauty. The rose symbol has been widely used in ancient Greece and Rome and also has religious Christian tones representing the blood of Christ and the crown of thorns. Meanings vary just as varieties of this beautiful flower.
Skull Tattoo Designs, Skull Tattoo Ideas,
Start tattoos
Sun Tattoo Designs, Flames, Tribal, Tattoo Ideas
Tribal tattoos are extremely popular if not the most popular tattoo style currently. These type of tattoos have their origin the the ancient tribes of Polynesia, New Zealand(Maori tattoos), Hawaii and many other early cultures. The markings signified a person's inner spiritual power and were typically geometric designs that were changed as the person aged. It is still unclear as to the meaning of some of the designs.

Tribal tattoos today are popular as people are taking a keen interest in themselves and want markings to enforce their individuality.

These are a collection of free tribal designs that I had made for the site. Some were done by a Maori designer who uses the ancient culture as an inspiration.
The human connection to water is timeless. Since the dawn of man, the power of the ocean and waves in particular has taken on mythical and spiritual status even today. Waves inspire many modern tribal designs.
A collection of great tattoo videos I found on the net
These are some examples of custom tattoo designs that are available at
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