Tattoos and Tattoo Designs

Arm Band Tattoos - Tribal, Celtic and other Arm band tattoo pics of all different types

Asian Tattoos - Oriental style - Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Symbols etc.          

Black Tattoos - solid black tattoos, black and grey tattoos, black and white tattoos.

Black Light Tattoos - invisible tats that only show under black light and UV ink tattoos

Buddhist Tattoos - Buddhist tattoo designs, Buddhist tattoos, Buddha tattoos, etc.

Clown Tattoos - scary clowns, gangster clowns, sad and happy clowns..

Crown Tattoos - king crowns, queen crowns, princess crowns, wow.

Cross Tattoos - religious and non religious cross tattoo pictures.

Dagger Tattoos - pictures of tattoos featuring daggers, knifes, etc.

Death Tattoos - tattoo depicting death, grim reaper tattoo and more.

Demon Tattoos - Demons, monsters and other scary stuff tattoos.  

Dog Tattoos - Celebrate mans best friend with a dog tattoo design.

Dragon Tattoos - a sweet collection of dragon tattoo designs

Dragonfly Tattoos - pictures of tattoo with dragonflies and stuff...

Eagle Tattoos - Check this out. Eagle Tattoo pictures and designs

Egyptian Tattoos - tattoos of Egyptian things, Egyptian style tattoos

Extreme Tattoos - Some of the most outrageous and radical tattoos ever.

Eye Tattoos - eyeball tattoos, third eye, minds eye, eye of horus : lots of eyes.

Tattoo Flash - all free and all worth it. not really.. this section is not very good.

Fairy Tattoos - tattoos of fairies, pixies, sprites, and other little creatures

Family Crest Tattoos - examples of crest, badge, and emblem tattoos.

Fantasy Tattoos - fantasy tattoo designs...fairy tattoos, fantasy tattoos etc.

Fire Tattoos - tattoos of fire, things on fire, flames, and fire related things.

Flag Tattoos - tattoos of flags from America, Canada, England and more countries

Fleur De Lis Tattoos - tattoos of the fleur de lis symbol and some new orleans tats.

Flower Tattoos - selection of flower and plant life tattoos. roses, trees, weed, etc.

Friendship Tattoos - tattoos of friendship, friendship symbols, matching friendship tattoos.

Frog Tattoos - tattoo pictures of big frogs, little frogs, ugly frogs, and more.

Funny Tattoos - hilarious tattoo designs, pictures of the funniest tattoos on the net.

Gambling Tattoos - gambling related tattoos - dice, cards, Vegas, roulette etc.

Gargoyle Tattoos - some gargoyle and monster tattoo pictures and designs.

Geek Tattoos - the various geeky designs people get tattooed on themselves.

Girly Tattoos - tattoos for girls, tattoos for women, feminine tattoos, female tattoos etc.

Hawaiian Tattoos - Hawaiian related and Hawaiian,  Maori, and Polynesian style tattoos.

Heart Tattoos - Make your love permanent or your broken heart with a heart tattoo design.

Hebrew Tattoo - Hebrew sayings, quotes, words etc. plus some Jewish Star tattoos.

Hibiscus Flower Tattoos - various colors and styles of hibiscus flower tattoo designs.

Hindu Tattoos - Vishnu, Ganesha, Hindu tattoos of Hindi symbols, gods, and more.

Homemade Tattoos - pictures of some terribly ugly amateur homemade tattoos.

Horse Tattoos - tattoo pictures of horses and horse related things.  

Horseshoe Tattoos - lucky horseshoe tattoo designs and more.    

Hummingbird Tattoos - pictures of tattoos with hummingbirds and flowers.

Italian Tattoos - tattoos in Italian, Italian pride, Italian flags, Italian horns and more.

Infinity Symbol Tattoos - tattoos of various symbols representing Infinity.

Irish Tattoos - tattoos of Irish symbols, heritage, pride, Gaelic and Celtic.

Japanese Tattoos - Japanese Symbols, Letters, Characters, Demons etc.

Jesus Tattoos - pictures of tattoos featuring the man himself...Jesus..

Kanji Tattoos - pictures of Kanji symbol tattoos and Kanji symbol translations.

Kid Tattoos - tattoos people get in honor of their kids -portraits, footprints, names.

Knot Tattoos - pictures of tattoos of sailor knots, knot work; Celtic knots, etc.

Koi Fish Tattoos - pictures of Asian koi fish tattoos.  some nice ones here.

Lady Bug Tattoos - pictures of tattoos with some nice little lady bugs and stuff.

Latin Tattoos - sayings, quotes, phrases and more tattooed in the Latin language.

Lily Flower Tattoos - various colors and styles of lily flower tattoo designs.

Lion Tattoos - lions tigers cougars jaguars and leopard tattoo pictures

Lizard Tattoos - pictures images and photos of tattoos with lizards in them.

Lotus Tattoos - various forms of popular full color lotus flower tattoos.

Love Tattoos - tattoo pictures of the various ways that people express love.

Mehndi Tattoos - the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration.

Memorial Tattoos - in memory of and memorial tattoo pictures with names.

Mermaid Tattoos  -  beautiful, sexy, and traditional mermaid tattoo designs. 

Mexican Tattoos  -  tattoos of Mexican sugar skulls, Mexican pride, Mexican flags.

Military Tattoos - pictures of army, navy, air force, marine, armed forces tattoos.

Miscellaneous Tattoos -  All the tattoos that wouldn't fit anywhere else.

Model Tattoos - male and female fashion models with tattoos.

Movie Tattoos - tattoos of movie characters, scenes, memorabilia etc.

Music Tattoos - tattoos of music notes, music instruments, etc.

Musician Tattoos - celebrity male and female musicians with tattoos.

Native American Tattoos - Native American, Indians, Aztec tattoos.

Nautical Tattoos  -  nautical star tattoos, sailor tattoos, nautical themed tattoos.

NBA Tattoos - pictures of the most heavily tattooed players of the NBA.

Neck Tattoos - Pictures of tattoos located on people necks...neck tattoos

NFL Tattoos - collection of pictures showing NFL football players with tattoos.

Occupational Tattoos  -  firefighter tattoos, policeman tattoos, medical tattoos.

Old School Tattoos - Original and Traditional Tattoos from the "old school".

Orchid Flower Tattoos - various colors and styles of orchid flower tattoos.

Patriotic Tattoos - USA American Patriotic and Military tattoos

Panther Tattoos - tattoos of black panthers, panther tattoo pictures.

Phoenix Tattoos - tattoo pictures of phoenix fire breathing birds

Pin Up Girl Tattoos - Please don't drool on my pictures of hot girl tattoos.

Pirate Tattoos  -  hundreds of cool pirate realated and pirate ship tattoos.

Praying Hands Tattoos - what the name says - pictures of praying hands tattoos

Prison Tattoos - Incarcerated prisoner tattoo pictures, gang tattoos etc.

Rapper Tattoos - pictures of several rappers and R&B artists with tattoos.

Religious Tattoos - faith and spirituality tattoos - crosses, praying hands etc.

Reptile Tattoos - snakes scorpions lizards and more tattoo pictures

Rosary Tattoos - tattoos of rosary beads, praying hands, rosary anklet tattoos.

Rose Tattoos - red, blue, white and many more rose flower tattoo pictures.

Scorpion Tattoos - pictures images and photos of tattoos with scorpions.

Skin Branding - marks burned into the skin to create a permanent scar.

Skin Scarification - skin is scratched, cut or burnt to make a design in the skin.

Skin Rip Tattoos - designs of tattoos that appear to rip through the skin.

Skull Tattoos - skulls and bones crossbones and flaming skull tattoos

Sleeve Tattoos - pictures of  peoples different full and half arm tattoo sleeves

Small Tattoos  -  a collection of small sized tattoos and tattoo designs.

Snake Tattoos - lots of tattoo pictures of some super scary slithering snakes

Sparrow Bird Tattoos - tattoo pictures of traditional and modern sparrow tattoos.

Star Tattoos - pictures of stars, planets, moons and stars, five point stars, etc.

Sun and Moon Tattoos - some very nice sun moon and star tattoo pictures here

Symbol Tattoos - various symbol tattoo pictures - Chinese, zodiac, kanji, etc.

Tiger Tattoos - tiger tattoos - Siberian tigers, Bengal tigers, tiger stripes, cubs...

Traditional Tattoos - old school type tattoo designs and pictures of traditional tattoos.

Tree Tattoos - tattoo designs of various trees, tree branches, plants, shrubs, leaves etc.

Tribal Tattoos - tribal tattoo designs and pictures: tribal dragons, crosses, suns etc.

Turtle Tattoos - pictures of aquatic turtle and turtle related tattoo designs.

Vine Tattoos - pictures of vine tattoos, winding vines, thorn vines, plants etc.

Viking Tattoos - Viking style and Norse style tattoo designs and tattoo pictures.

Warrior Tattoos  -  collection of tattoos depicting warriors, samurai, weapons etc..

Water Animal Tattoos - fish and aquatic tattoo pictures and designs

White Ink Tattoos - unique tattoos using exotic looking white ink.

Wing Tattoos - tattoos of wings, angel wings, bird wings, butterfly wings ...

Wolf Tattoos - wolves - lone wolf, tribal head wolf paw tattoo pictures.

Word and Lettering Tattoos - word tattoos, script tattoos, tattoo fonts, wording styles etc.

Yin Yang Tattoos - pictures of various yin-yang symbol tattoo designs.

Zodiac Tattoos - tattoo designs for all of the zodiac and astrological signs.

Zombie Tattoos  -  tattoos of zombie people and zombie related stuff.

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