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A BADASS tattoo is more than just its appearance. While its look is important, of course, such intangibles as storytelling, artistic intent and integrity, and the combination of style and substance are what set certain tattoos apart. A tiny symbolic etching on a soccer moms foot can be equally as badass as full-color fantasy scene on a bikers back as long as the person getting inked goes into the process with a badass attitude and the willingness to go the extra mile to own it.

Take a look at the galleries on this site and be inspired to unleash your inner badass!

A good tattoo can change your appearance for the better and leave you with a sense of who you truly are and whats important to you. Given the right body, any kind of art will look attractive, but adding your own personality in the mix can make a tattoo really meaningful and sweet. If you put some thought into it and hire a talented artist, youll be impressed with your new addition and will probably start to crave more. Tattoos really are addictive, so do you research into all of the options that you have before you settle on one.

Be sure to hire a talented tattoo artist, especially if these tattoos are going to be in a spot that people will regularly see. A tattoo should stay with you for life, so make sure that it is well-designed and demonstrates a part of your personality that you are proud of.

Being at the center of the pop culture world, celebrities like actors and athletes can be often as well-known for the off-screen and off-field antics as well as their professional abilities. Many have become well known for their outrageous tattoos. And as more and more of them show off their ink, they become trendsetters.

Tattoos have been most common among musicians the longest. It naturally goes with the badboy rockstar vibe, and their designs fall in line with this thinking with big, bold, designs. As hip-hop became a dominant style, so has the explosion of tattoos among its biggest stars and their styles tend to be personal with names and symbols of personal meaning being the most common. Similarly, athletes tend to follow this same trend, although its been seen that basketball players, with their tanktop jerseys, are most likely to go for big full-arm sleeve designs. Actors have been getting tattoos more and more, but their designs tend to be smaller and more discreet, since their roles may not require tattoos and they must be hidden or covered with make-up as needed.

Heres a gallery of the worlds biggest celebrities and their tattoos, 2013 edition.

The idea of getting your first tattoo can be very exciting. They can be amazing works of art. They can tell the story of your life. They can be an extension of your personality and ideals and everything you hold dear. Plus, they are just awesome. But, unfortunately, they can also represent a very bad decision made in the heat of the moment. A tattoo isnt something you rush into getting. Its going to be permanent piece of you, so its very important to make absolutely certain that you know and understand what you are getting before you the artist you choose makes the first mark.

Do You Really Want That Tattoo?

Tribal TattooThere are several questions you must ask yourself before getting inked.

What is your motivation for getting a tattoo in the first place? If you cant give a complete answer beyond its cool or because I want one within a few seconds, it probably is a good idea idea to slam on the brakes. Sit down and think about why you are really wanting to do this, then do nothing for three months. If at the end of three months you still feel strongly about it, go ahead and get a tattoo. But if you are still unable to come up with anything beyond a cursory argument, or worse if youve forgotten about wanting a tattoo in the meantime, youve dodged a bullet. Read the rest of this entry

Although men have historically gotten more tattoos then women, the ladies are catching up quickly and they bring something new to the game. Womens tattoos are often known for more explicitly reflecting womens interests and personalities. Women are also freer to put any kind of design on themselves than men are because they dont have to worry about keeping up with a manly image; this sense of freedom allows a good amount of creativity, and truly badass tattoos are designed for just this reason. When deciding to get a tattoo, be sure to hire a talented tattoo artist, especially if these tattoos are going to be in a spot that people will regularly see. A tattoo will stay with you for life, so it is most important to make sure that it demonstrates a part of your personality that you are proud of. If youre not sure how to start, look at examples of other womens tattoos.

Location, Location, Location

More and more, as tattoo designs become more bold and visibility of a particular piece becomes more acceptable, virtually any location on your body can make a great canvas.

Back Tattoos

The back offers the largest and flattest area for tattoos, so save your most detailed designs for your back and sides. This location can give your tattoo artist enough freedom in order to provide you with the best design possible. A back piece can be a dramatic statement about who you are and what you believe in, so take some time to really think about what you want to say with this kind of tattoo. Since it generally takes several hours to complete a highly-detailed back tattoo, youll need to be confident that youre getting exactly what you want. A beautiful back tattoo can show off your personality in a way that smaller tattoos might not be able to. Read the rest of this entry

Getting your first tattoo is a great experience, but it isnt something that should be rushed into quickly. You must make sure to take time to think about it, since a tattoo is a lifetime commitment. You want to be absolutely certain you are getting a piece that fits into your life. You need to consider how your tattoo will affect your friends and familys perception of you, how it will affect your current job and future job prospects, and most importantly how it will affect you personally.

Body Area

Once you are sure you want to go forward, the next step is to determine the area where your tattoo will be applied. You have many options here, as virtually any part of your body makes a suitable canvas.

Arm tattoos are by far the most popular choice. Here you have several choices full arm (also known as a sleeve, named for the resemblence to a full-length shirt sleeve), upper half sleeve from shoulder to elbow, lower half sleeve from elbow to wrist, or quarter sleeve from shoulder to mid-upper arm. Larger arm designs usually combine a few thematic elements, while the smaller designs commonly only focus on one thing. Read the rest of this entry

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