Name Tattoos - Your Own, or a Loved One's Name

Name tattoos have their place on many people's hearts. Not only can they serve in

tribute or memory of a loved one, they can also be the cause of many tattoo removal or cover-up processes. Here's a look at what name tattoos mean, and whether or not you should profess your love eternally with ink.

That's My Name

Names are powerful. They define us and set us apart from the pact. Whether or not you like your name, there's no sense denying the fact that it's yours. While most people who opt for name tattoos don't always go for their own representation, inking a little self-love can prove to be a safer bet than professing your love for a partner.

Love, Relationships and Tattoos

Just ask Johnny Depp what can happen when you stake claim for a lover on your body. After inking Winona on his arm, he later turned his infamous tattoo into "Wino Forever" after his relationship with Hollywood starlet Winona Ryder, hit splitsville.

Many people with name tattoos can attest their ink remained long after Cupid's arrow hit. Before you tattoo a new boyfriend's name across your chest, you really need to consider the worst case situation should things head south.

Love tattoos take many different forms. From old school hearts and zodiac symbols to birth dates and inked wedding bands, don't feel the pressure to add a name to your body if you can express that same love in a symbol depiction or verse tattoo.

Safe Bets

Certain name tattoos present themselves without threat of regret simply through their association to the beloved. For example tattooing your mother, father or children's names on your body is a much safer bet and likely one that will bring much happiness throughout life, merely due to their evergreen nature. Whenever you feel lost or alone, that name tattoo will be right there reminding you of the connection to something greater in the universe, the powerful symbol of love.

Take a Risk

If you're opting for a name other than your own to depict in an intimate love or relationship tattoo, be certain it's a choice you can live with forever no matter the outcome of the relationship.

The best advice is to ensure your relationship has stood the test of time first. So don't jump into the artist's chair any faster than driving to Vegas to get hitched. No matter what you do, don't opt for a name tattoo while under the influence of heavy medication, drugs, alcohol or if you're experiencing any major life changes or stressors which may impair or cause lack of judgment.

Last, make sure your beloved's name is spelled correctly prior to making it permanent. While it may seem obvious, don't assume your artist will spot an error in your name piece, specifically if the name is less common.

With these sound tips and someone worthy of eternal inked remembrance, your name tattoo can speak volumes of your love without having to say a word.

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