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Are you and your partner interested in getting a tattoo design that will fit the two of you? We have compiled the top 25 couple tattoo designs and styles that will look good on you and your partner in life. The designs that we have gathered are tattoos of different couples, and you will be amazed at how imaginative the tattoo designs were made. Tattoos for couples will also symbolize eternity to each other as the tattoo is permanent. This would mean that the love you have made for each other symbolized by the tattoo will also be permanent. A tattoo for couples also represents a pact that you and your partner will be together forever. For men, invite your girls to get tattooed together with couple tattoos because a girl would want an assurance from her partner that their relationship is for keeps, and that shes the only one in his life. For women, if you are sure with the love and relationship that you have, invite him to get tattooed also. Aside from the couple tattoo being a  the representation of the pact, it is very sweet and also cool for both of you to have couple tattoos. So invite your partner to have a look at the top 25 couple tattoo designs that we have, and get inked right away!

1. All is full of love

couples-tattoos-all is full of love

Great tattoo with design especially when love is in the air.  Add the feather design to it.

2. Anniversary Date

couples-tattoos-anniversary date

You and your couple can have a very important date for the two of you as your tattoo design.

3. Cool Skull

couples-tattoos-cool skulls

Cool male and female skull designs.

4. Dream Catchers

couples-tattoos-dream catcher

Cool couple tattoo placed on the chest of the guy and the back of the girl.

5. Everyday for the rest of our lives

couples-tattoos-everyday for the rest of our lives

A very nice tattoo since the message can only be read if the couple is together.

6. Gamer couples tattoo

couples-tattoos-gamer couple

For couples who are addicted to games.

7. Chained Hearts

couples-tattoos-heart chains

Chained-heart tattoos with names on each. The guy gets the girls name while the girl gets the guys name.

8. Heart Puzzle

couples-tattoos-heart combination

Cute heart design only to be made when the couples hug each other.

9. Hearts on the arm

couples-tattoos-heart in arms

Nice couple heart combination tattooed on the arms.

10. Red heart on the hands

couples-tattoos-heart in hands

A red-colored tattoooin the hands only to be made when the couple is holding hands.

11. Key and locked heart

couples-tattoos-heart lock and key

Cool tattoo showing that the only one who can open the heart is the holder of the key.

12. Tribal Hearts

couples-tattoos-heart wrist

Tribal heart tattooed on the wrist which can only be formed when the couples hands are beside each other.

13. His.. Hers..

couples-tattoos-hers his

Nice couple tattoo with the words of ownership to each other.

14. I him.. I her..

couples-tattoos-i love him i love her

A cute tattoo for couples professing their love for each other.

15. Infinity

couples-tattoos-infinity sign

A symbol of infinite love for each other tattooed on the wrist.

16. Love birds

couples-tattoos-love birds

Cute love birds tattoo creating a heart which can only be formed when the couples wrists are beside each other.

17. Nightmare Before Christmas

couples-tattoos-nightmare before christmas

Are you two fans of Nightmare Before Christmas? This tattoo is perfect for the two of you.

18. Now youre my whole life, Now youre my whole world

couples-tattoos-now youre my whole life my whole world

Cute tattoo couple quotes tattooed on the wrist.

19. Puzzle

couples-tattoos-puzzle tattoo

Nice couple tattoo puzzle pieces tattooed on the arms. Each puzzle can only be completed by the piece thats tattooed on the partners wrist.

20. Snoopy


Very cute snoopy tattoo on the wrist.

21. Soulmate


The word soul mate can only to be read when the couple hold hands together.

22. Tea bag and cup


A nice tattoo combination on the hands representing sweetness to each other.

23. To infinity and beyond

couples-tattoos-to infinity and beyond

Tattoo which means that the two of you will conquer everything together.

24. Walking our way to eternity with no regrets

couples-tattoos-walking our way to eternity with no regrets

Unique feet tattoo which tells that the couple will walk towards forever together no matter what happens.

25. Winged Hearts

couples-tattoos-winged heart

Winged hearts tattooed on the neck with the partners name written on each.

These 25 couple tattoos are very cool and ideal for love birds. The designs will not be too boyish for girls or too girly for guys. We see to it that all couple tattoos we searched and found are very classy, unique, and will look good on you and your partner. These 25 couple tattoos are very unique and all those who will see it on you and your partner will be amazed on how you show your love. But before doing so, always be careful and see to it that youre 100% sure of having the tattoo. As you and your partner make this pact, always remember that the tattoo will be permanent and will represent being together forever. The tattoo will also be a reminder for both of you whenever you have misunderstandings that you can overcome whatever problems and difficulties come your way, and that the love you have made will always prevail over hardships and difficulties. Hope we could help you get the tattoo couple design that will be perfect for you and your partner!

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