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Placement is imperative when it comes to tattoos: In all honesty, it can make or break the tattoo. After all, you wouldnt want to put something adorably cute in a place where it looks tacky or gross. Thats why weve picked out the best tattoo placement ideas for girls all cute so you have zero regrets.

#1 Ankle Tattoos

Ankle Tattoo Placement

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Ankle tattoos are undoubtedly one of the most popular tattoo placement ideas. Not only are they in a somewhat hidden location, but they look incredibly hot when paired with your wedges and heels. The bonus about choosing an ankle tattoo placement is that you can go big OR small. Theres absolutely no limit, but one of the most popular ankle tattoo ideas is the tattooed ankle bracelet like the one shown here. I mean, you cant tell me that wouldnt look amazing paired with your favorite sandals or heels!

#2 Wrist Tattoos

Wrist Tattoo Placement: Music Sign Small Tattoo

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Women have naturally delicate wrists, making them the perfect grounding point for a tiny tattoo. Some of the hottest celebrities, like Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie, are rocking adorable little wrist tattoos, and we cant help but want to follow in their footsteps. Were in love with this cute little music note wrist tattoo, but some of our other favorites include words, sayings, and hearts.

#3 Back of the Neck Tattoos

Behind Neck Tattoo Placement

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Another very delicate part of a womans body is, of course, the back of the neck. This is also a very discreet place to put a tattoo and looks absolutely adorable when the hair is pulled up into a ponytail or bun. Its best to choose tattoos that arent too large or wild as this will cause unnecessary attention and could make your neck look manly or weird. This adorable, simple, yet fairly detailed back of the neck tattoo is a wonderful idea!

#4 Rib Tattoos


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Megan Fox, Zoe Saldana, Rihanna all beautiful woman, all sporting one of the sexiest tattoos: Rib tattoos. Tattoos on the rib cage are obviously very alluring whether you opt for a tiny rib tattoo like Rihannas or a written tattoo like Megan Fox. Feel free to let your creativity shine with this tattoo: It wont be seen often unless youre wearing a bathing suit or a cut-out shirt/dress, so why not make a statement? This gorgeous ship tattoo is the perfect example of a ribcage tattoo that is sexy, simple, yet extremely detailed. Amazing!

#5 Behind the Ear Tattoos

Behind Ear Tattoo Placement: Quote Tattoo - Love Fearlessly

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Much like neck tattoos, behind the ear tattoos are very delicate and soft, and look absolutely amazing on women. These tattoos should be kept very small and subtle like the one shown here. Make it too big and you might look like something is trying to crawl out from under your skin, so make sure to keep it very small. 

#6 Thigh Tattoos


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If you want a larger sized tattoo with tons of color and detail, we highly suggest a thigh tattoo. Thigh tattoos have become incredibly popular in recent years, and were loving every second of it. These big and beautiful tattoos go hand in hand with the currently fashionable high-waisted shorts as these shorts make it easy to showcase your tattoo in a fun and flashy way. Check out this awesome elephant tattoo: We LOVE it for obvious reasons. Its big, detailed, and totally extravagant. Definitely a tattoo to consider!

#7 Finger Tattoos

Tattoo Placement Idea: Diamond Tattoo on Middle Finger

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Another tattoo trend that has taken the industry by storm? Finger tattoos! Whether you choose to have them run across your fingers or leave it on the inside of a single finger, youre sure to look fashionable and flirty. Therere tons of options when it comes to finger tats. Spell out a short word across your fingers or choose another small detail like an arrow, heart, or a diamond like the one shown here. How fabulous is that?

#8 Back Shoulder Tattoos

Tattoo Placement Idea: Shoulder Rose Tattoo

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Again, if big and bold is your flavor of choice, then we recommend a back shoulder tattoo placement. Theres just no denying it: Back shoulder tattoos look absolutely stunning on women and complement our delicate shoulders beautifully. This location has tons of space, making it the perfect spot for those larger sized masterpieces youve been dying to get. We love this simple roses tattoo! Very cute and feminine!


Therere so many great cute tattoo placement ideas, whether you want a tiny tat on the finger or a gorgeous masterpiece on your back shoulder. So what are you waiting for? Bring your creations to life! 

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