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Tom Ryan

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By Tom Ryan, eHow Contributor

With six Super Bowl wins--the most of any team, as of 2010--the Pittsburgh Steelers is a team not only revered among its fans, but is also a record-breaking franchise. Proving the extent of your team appreciation may include wearing your favorite player's jersey or keeping a "Terrible Towel" in your back pocket, but for the eternally devoted, the best option may be permanently emblazoning a tribute to the team on your skin. By getting a Steelers tattoo, you proclaim that you not only love the team now, but you will remain a committed fan for life.

  1. Logo Tattoo

    • The Steelers logo is ubiquitous in the Pittsburgh region, and you can make it even more so by having it inked on your body. Unlike the changing logos of other Pittsburgh sports teams, such as the Pirates, the Steelers logo has never changed since its adoption in the early 1960s. It consists of a circle with the word "Steelers" inside, next to three diamond shapes in yellow, red and blue. Based on the Steelmark logo of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), the logo is historically significant to this former industrial region. The yellow diamond represents coal, the red represents ore and the blue represents steel scrap--the three materials required to create steel. By getting this tattoo, you demonstrate not only a devotion to your team, but also an appreciation for its roots and its significance to the region.

    Player Portraits

    • Many iconic players have worn the Steelers black and gold; show off your favorite by getting a portrait tattoo. If you are a fan of team members from Super Bowl XL or XLIII, you may prefer a likeness of Hines Ward sporting his trademark grin or an action shot of Troy Polamalu, his curly locks billowing in the wind. Fans of the "Steel Curtain" era may opt instead for a scowling Jack Lambert or even an image of Franco Harris stooped over to catch the infamous "immaculate reception." Whichever player you prefer, you can find a place on your body to honor him with a permanent tribute.

    Iconic Images

    • To a true Steelers fan, the franchise is bigger than the players or even the championship titles--and you can demonstrate your appreciation for this fact with a tattoo. Art Rooney, or "The Chief," is revered for starting the team. A statue of Rooney sits outside Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, and a famous image of him with a cigar in his mouth is often seen on T-shirts and fan-made signs. Getting a tattoo of The Chief himself shows that you know the team's history and its roots while paying tribute to the man that started it all.

      Rooney isn't the only icon of the Steelers, though--other recognizable images include Heinz Field, Three Rivers Stadium and the Terrible Towel. A tattoo of any of these is as good a way as any of celebrating the team and its legacy.

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