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Name tattoos are extremely popular. You can have your own name tattooed someplace special, or you might even choose to have someone else's name tattooed somewhere on your body if you're feeling especially bold and confident.

Typical Name Tattoos

Most people who choose to get a name tattoo do so because they want to honor a specific individual, or because they want to show their love for someone. For this reason, the most popular tattoos of this nature are those that contain the name of a spouse or lover, a child or another relative. One of the most popular tattoos is a heart with the name "Mom" in it. Other people get tattoos that show their own name or nickname inked a decorative way. It's not unusual to see tats that say "Daddy's Girl" or even some profane nicknames. People may choose to have these tattoos done in large fonts or lettering styles that proudly display the name, or small delicate script letters that are more personal.

Types of Name Tats

Of course, when you choose to get a name inked on your body, you have many choices abouthow it's presented. You can have it written in any number of font or calligraphy styles, or you can choose to have your name written in a different language altogether. Many people get names and relationships (such as mom, dad or sister) tattooed in Chinese Symbols, or use Japanese kanji to represent certain meanings. Some people choose to have names inked in Arabic or Hebrew as well. Getting a tattoo in a different language is sometimes considered more prudent than having it done in English because the meaning is not immediately known. Just be careful you make sure that you know the exact translation of the symbols or phrase you're getting inked; it's a good idea to take along someone who knows the language or research it ahead of time.

Name Tat Controversy

Some tattoo artists and other tat aficionados say you should never get a name tattoo because you don't know if your relationship with that person is going to last forever. Tattoo Removal is expensive and painful, so many people say advise against getting a tattoo of your lover's name (even if you're married!) because even though your relationship may not be forever, ink is permanent.

Ideas for Name Design Tattoos

If you're committed to having your own name or someone else's name inked, consider the kind of design you want. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.

  • Have the name inked in cursive as part of a vine tattoo. It will look elegant, yet the name won't jump out at you. That way, the tattoo won't be as much of a problem if the two of you part ways later on. You can even camouflage the name a bit with more leaves and flowers until it's barely recognizable.
  • Ink the name in the center of a tribal design.
  • Consider just using the initials of the first, middle and last name. You can reveal the name of the person when asked, or you can give an alternate meaning for the initials if you'd rather keep that information to yourself.
  • Banner-type tattoos are always a great place to add a name. You can embellish them with any other designs you like.

More Name Resources

You can find different lettering styles and name tat resources on the web for inspiration. Here are just a few:

  • has an entire section devoted to name related tattoos; this is a great place to gather ideas.
  • Tattoo Johnny also has some great ideas for different ways to place names in your tattoo.
  • Here are some different name lettering styles from Evil Tattoo.

Choosing to get a name tattoo is a lifetime commitment, so if you have any doubt as to the longevity of your relationship, think long and hard before getting one! Tattoos of mom, dad and kids' names are always a good idea because of your long term relationships.

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