Japanese Sleeve Tattoos Sleeve Tattoo Designs

While the term "Japanese Sleeve Tattoo" doesn't really mean anything in itself, it has come to be recognized as a style of tattoo, usually involving koi fish, a samurai of some sort and cherry blossoms.

The koi fish is especially revered in Asian cultures. Ancient Chinese myth believe that koi have the power to climb waterfalls. Also, the Chinese believed that if a koi successfully summited a waterfall at the magical Dragon Gate on the Yellow river, it would become a dragon. Consequently, the koi has become a symbol of aspiration and advancement in many Asian cultures. In Japan, many koi enthusiasts raise and breed koi, often selling them for great sums of money.

To the Japanese, the samurai symbolizes strength and honor, for many reasons. Ancient samurai warriors were the bravest and most well-trained fighters in Japan. When a samurai warrior was defeated, he would commit suicide by cutting his abdomen with a sword rather than to face the dishonor of losing a battle.

Cherry blossoms symbolize feminine beauty in many Asian cultures. In Japan, cherry blossoms also symbolize clouds, which are the eternal symbol of how life is fragile and sometimes short-lived.

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