Lily Flower Tattoos - Tiger Lily & Stargazer Designs

tattoo designsLily tattoos have a variety of meanings; white petals have come to mean innocence and purity, while spotted pink blooms may signify sensuality; orange petals, passion. In some cultures, the shape of the flower indicates carnal love, while in some religions the lily is seen as a symbol of devotion to dogmatic faith.

Lily tattoos are often times quite simple and feature either one, or a small group of this particular flower. Given the wide variety of types and colors, it is nice to know some of the varieties available. Two of the most recognizable of this flora are the white lily and stargazer lily. Though vastly different, they are both identifiable as part of the liliaceae family. The white lily tends to have a large bloom, with soft, velvety petals; tall, slender green stalks and linear leaves. The stargazer has bolder colors; the edges of the petals being lined in a bright white, while deeper in, there is a lush pink hue and red spots. Another interesting option would be the alpine lily, which is one of the smaller of these plants, and generally sports a bright orange color with purple or brown spots at the center.

Many lily tattoos feature other symbolism as well. Some of the most common symbols are of the religious ilk. For example, a bundle of white lilies may be placed into the arms of the Virgin Mary; the flowers may sprout around a cross, or at the feet of Jesus. Other regularly used symbols in lily tattoos are flames bursting from the stem of a fire lily; dangling precariously from the mouth of a bird, feline or fantasy creature, such as a dragon; or with barbed wire wrapped tightly around the stalk.

Although the majority of designs are done simply and in full color, some lily tattoos are done in interesting patterns and in more muted tones. For instance, the flowers may weave together to form a Celtic knot, heart, or a simple scroll work pattern. The flowers may also be bundled together in varying shades of either color, or black, white and gray.

Lilies tend to have a variety of meaning; however, they are also an extraordinary choice for their aesthetic beauty and style.

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