Tattoo Ideas: Children, Kids, Parents, Motherhood

Mother is God in the eyes of a child.

There is perhaps no greater love that exists in the world than the love shared between mother and child. How often have we heard that love isn't logical, that it bends not to reason or rationalization? Love isn't brains--it's blood. When two people commune with their bodies to create a child, they are doing something that can never again be replicated in quite the same way. The exact combination of color and skin is unique only to the child you bear. Once formed, the mother carries her child around inside her for nine months, providing food and shelter, nourishing, growing, helping, loving. And when the baby emerges healthy, wailing at the top of his lungs as he takes his first breath and he and his mother meet eye to eye for the first time, there is a connection formed in that instant that can never be broken.

I have seen people turn their lives around for the sake of a child. I have seen teenagers who were mere children themselves instantly become adults when pregnancy occurred, unplanned, while they were still in high school. I have seen women take the high road time and time again, choosing to give up their previous plans and rewrite the script of their life when a baby comes along. My own mother became pregnant with me when she was eighteen-years old, just about to graduate high school. She was unmarried and not engaged at the time, and though her boyfriend pushed for abortion, saying he'd stay with her if she did, she gathered up inner resources she didn't even know she had and pushed him right out the door. She raised me on her own with the help of my grandparents, and because of this the bond that we share is unbreakable.

Is it any wonder that "Mom" tattoos are so popular? What better way to artistically honor the woman who gave you life? Likewise, it is common for parents, mothers and fathers alike, to celebrate the birth of their children by inking their baby's name or birth date some place on their skin. There will always be the traditional name tattoos, which are beautiful in and of themselves. But parents are constantly coming up with more and more unique methods of devoting a section of skin to the children they created. Here are some of the many ways of doing so.


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