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The placement of tattoos is important, you have to think about it a lot before you decide, since its going to be there forever. You may think it is easy, but it is not unless you only have a few spots left. There are some area that are quite sensitive that most people would avoid, and there are some people who are not yet ready to show the whole world or at least their officemates about it, so they choose a spot that is hidden from their daily wear.

If you want a sexy tattoo, the usual spot would be the thigh, stomach, the bottom of the spine, the entire back and last but not the least, the ribs. If you ask me, parts that usually have a bone are quite sensitive, but if you want it there, then do it.

We are featuring 40 Sexiest Rib Tattoos for Girls, although some photos I have included are of men, these shouldnt stop women who wanted to get sexy rib tattoos.

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